About the Artist

Kayy Finn is a School Counselor and Mental Health Advocate in New York City, photographing moments in the sky every step of the way. I, Kaitlyn, have been using the pen name of Kayy Finn on creative works for as long as I can remember. A memory often sparks when I'm asked of the name "Kayy"-- an early elementary art teacher did not appreciate my self chosen signature. One day in front of my peers during class, she took to erasing it herself, proceeding to write my name "properly" for me in full on the bottom right hand corner of my project. From that moment on came a stubbornness in me surrounding my signature. A refusal to allow any one else to mark my work but me. And Kayy Finn has come a long way from elementary art class to the home of art enthusiasts around the globe. 

2020 has been a year fraught with uncertainty. Changes and adaptations at every corner. Unsettling winds leaving us at times feeling swept off of our feet. Our paths have been anything but clear, many directions lost along the way. Strawberryzskies was planted through the need for coping. I had to dig into my archives to find beauty amidst the chaos.I came to realize in looking through my iPhone Camera Roll during isolated time indoors that even the ugliest of moments have had a tendency to bring about the most beautiful skies. That's hindsight for you. I noticed that rainstorms had indeed seemed to be followed by rainbows. Not always immediately so, however, the storms of the past did always carry on their way and make way for a new day. The beauty in the skies can be fleeting, taken for granted. Never to return again on the live canvas before our eyes. That's what strawberryzskies is for. Capturing those moments, even when your eyes can't see the next turn ahead, when they are blurry and can't seem to find focus. We will help you look back at the moments of beauty, and allow you to remember that the sky will always make way for new and brighter times ahead. 

Looking forward to growing together...I wonder where we'll end up! 



December 30, 2020 — Kayy Finn

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