Heavenly Dayz

First and foremost, we would like to commemorate and honor all of the fallen servicemen and women who have given their lives so that we can be free and do what we love.  Their sacrifice is never lost on us, but is especially felt today. 

Today is a big day for our little company.  It is the day we finally get to share with you a taste of the heavenly life as we see it. The *HEAVENLY DAYZ* Product Collection is what happens when art meets life’s comforts.  From pillows and blankets to candles and puzzles, this collection allows Kayy’s photography to leap off the walls onto couches, coffee tables and even our bodies.  With the utmost quality and attention to detail, this collection is sure to make any house a home and any home heavenly.  We hope it brings you all the joy and ease you crave and deserve.

May 31, 2021 — Jessie Mastronardi

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