Onward and Upward

On this second day of beautiful spring, strawberryzskies can’t help but be filled with optimism as we look towards the days, weeks and months ahead.  (And we aren’t just saying this because our new collection, *NOW YOU SEE IT*,  drops tomorrow!)

Like the sun, we are trying to stretch our days a bit more doing things we love or have missed.  (Riding my bike again has been a small thrill!)  And just above the horizon, we see the plans with loved ones and even strangers just within our grasp. Yes, it’s important to still be cautious, but it is equally as important to allow ourselves to enjoy all that we can safely.  A list that continues to expand slowly but surely every single day.

So cheers to what lies ahead, whether we see it coming or not. 

March 21, 2021 — Kayy Finn

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