The A Team

Most of us have different people in our lives for different reasons, but once in a while you have someone for every reason.  That is the story of Kayy and Jessie.  

The first connection came about geographically:  they went to the same elementary school.  Having older siblings in the same class, they were quick to bond over being the “little sister” who loved to hang with the “older crew”.  It didn’t hurt that they both loved snowboarding, playing soccer and watching cheesy movies.  It was during this time that they seamlessly made the transition from friends to family. 

Their second connection came from and through their creativity.  While their studies and social plans expanded with age, they would make it a priority to have the occasional “Finn and Chick Day”.  Always rooted in the arts, these days would involve anything from painting pottery to cooking meals. A day completely devoted to doing something they love with someone they love. A cleanse if you will.

Their newest connection, and perhaps the most enriching to date, is professionally.  Starting a business is a beautiful blend of exhilarating and terrifying, so to do that with someone you trust and who always has your best interests at heart is truly a gift.  Strawberryzskies seeks to enrich the lives of people near and far through a communal love and appreciation of the arts.  “Finn and Chick”, Kayy and Jessie, Artist and Editor can attest to its power first hand, and look forward to creating more of it together for all of you.

January 17, 2021 — Jessie Mastronardi

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