Those Who Can't Do, Watch

Isolating is tough.  At a time when so many of us are missing people we cherish (or even tolerate), we’d like to remind you that it’s more than okay to find comfort in tv shows. In fact, it’s encouraged.  Here are a few styles of watching that have worked for us:

Leaning In

Ever find yourself having an emotionally fraught day where you almost know there is no getting out of it? (I certainly have).  With hopefully far and few between, on days like this, I actually find that leaning into those emotions gives me the chance to fully experience them, then let them go.  Luckily there are a plethora of shows that help do just that.     

Shows that work: Law & Order: SVU, Pose, Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin

The Escape 

On the contrary, sometimes you just want to transport to a place, emotionally or physically, that is anywhere but here.  Since vacations are in short supply nowadays, a solid alternative is cozying up on the couch and getting lost in another world (If nothing else, it’s certainly cheaper!)

Shows that work: Derry Girls, Lovecraft Country, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

A Familiar Face

Once in a while, there’s a show that has been in your life for so long that the characters genuinely feel like friends and family.  This seems even more wild as you find yourself near the age that Carrie Bradshaw and Lorelai Gilmore were when you first met them.  While it can’t replace being with the people you love, it somehow manages to temporarily alleviate the sting. Even if only for 42 minutes…

Shows that work: Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing 

Collective Watching 

When streaming took over, it became harder and harder to find shows that everyone sat down to watch at the same time.  While this still may be the case, quarantine has allowed more people to binge watch, over analyze and debate the hot new show more quickly with friends near and far.  Isn’t it nice to talk about something other than COVID?    

Shows that work:  Bridgerton, The Undoing, The Queen’s Gambit, Your Honor

The List  

We all have it, why not take the time that you never had before to get through it!

January 31, 2021 — Jessie Mastronardi

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