If you have questions or concerns about your child’s development as they approach school age or throughout their schooling, Kayy is here to assist! 
With ten years of experience working in the New York City public school system, as well as her years prior as a babysitter, nanny and tutor, Kayy has spent an extraordinary amount of time helping to ensure appropriate programs and service options are given to children inside and outside of their academic settings. Navigating large school systems can be tricky and overwhelming-to say the least.
That’s why Kayy is here to help provide you with the information needed to help make the right decisions for your child and family. Before making any referrals or service recommendations, Kayy will always take the adequate time necessary to connect with you and get to know the unique needs of you and your child. It takes a village to raise a child, and no one should go through it feeling alone in the parenting journey! 

Services Include:
  • Individual Educational Planning (IEP) Review and Recommendations
  • Group and Individual Educational Counseling for Targeted Social/Emotional/Behavioral/Special Needs
  • Family Counseling for Approaching Difficult Behavior 
  • Counseling the College Applicant
  • Bridging the Gap of Communication and Systems Between Home and School
  • Contacting School Teachers, Administrators and Counselors with Parents or On Parents Behalf 
  • Connection to Tutoring Networks and Individualized Learning Supports
  • Advocacy Assistance for Sitting in on IEP Meetings (taking notes, relaying suggested opitons for in and outside of school and taking the time outside of school to privately review what the evaluation results mean).