“Candy Skies” *Coast to Coast Series* Silk Scarf

This series of 100% silk scarves have beautifully hand drawn lions, butterflies and leopards on them with photographs from the beach on a quiet day. The words “Coast to Coast” come to mind while naming these scarves as it evokes feelings like walking the shoreline during a dream that it may be hard to decipher where is the exact location. The clouds and sand are nondescript in their beauty and could be a walk on the shores of Malibu or San Diego, or it could be the beaches tucked away in Nantucket or the Hamptons. North to South, East to West, we all ride out the tides with as much courage as we can. In addition to being an obvious fashion accessory, these scarves also look amazing framed or hang two little nails and add them with your hats for a great piece of wearable art on your gallery wall!
Please note that these scarves are designed in New York and ethically manufactured in London. Your item can be expected in about 2 to 3 weeks. When ordered in a frame, your scarf will come with a *Limited Edition Collectors Item ID #* on the back along with strawberryzskies LLC. Branding and Kayy Finn’s signature, authenticating the piece as an original!